Scientific method for making policy.
Fig. 1

Putting Reason Back in Science

by Lewis Loflin

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Fig. 1 above is the scientific method for public policy. It is constantly violated by political activists.

See my electronics projects page Electronics and Technology Built at Home.

Welcome to my blog. Here I'll discuss issues of interest to me without Google censorship. Science, medicine, and public policy are being destroyed by irrationalism. Feelings have replaced real objectivity, computer models in the hands of lazy researchers and activists have replaced empiricism and measured data.

The following cost taxpayers over $1 billion. To quote,

Allegations that part of a key 2006 study of Alzheimer’s disease may have been fabricated have rocked the research community...evidence that images in the much-cited study, published 16 years ago in the journal Nature, may have been doctored...researchers expressed concern that Lesné’s results couldn’t be replicated, a key part of the scientific process to confirm the validity of certain findings.


Sixteen years and $1 billion from the National Institutes of Health, and nobody noticed anything? They were too busy grabbing research grants to sound the alarm.

Or perhaps they were intimidated by a system that crushes dissent.

Again I will quote part of the above, "results couldn't be replicated", a key part of the scientific process to confirm the validity of certain findings. That is the essential facet of the scientific method.


The following are from my other website.

Arctic Summers Ice Free by 2013 False
Arctic Summers Ice Free by 2013 False

Norton Virginia as seen from Flag Rock.
Fig. 2

Norton Virginia as seen from Flag Rock.
Fig. 3

Affordable energy has saved the destruction of billions of trees, etc.

We are eliminating cutting trees for firewood or clearing forests for low-yield farming.

I live in Southwest Virginia, with vast forests in the region full of wildlife.

Denial of mechanisticism is a denial of applied science. It has produced a crackpot climate industry.

Here are real results from real science. These are graphics:

India Grain production 2007-2022 increase 27%
World Grain Production Doubles 1971-2018.

Yes, we can replace most fossil fuels for electricity, etc., with nuclear; the same fanatics reject that.

Yes, it is safe. Yes, we can safely dispose of the waste.

The US alone has almost a million tons of potential nuclear fuel in storage we can be using now.

That would save environmental destruction from mining more uranium which, at present, over 90% of the nuclear fuel discarded.

One ton of coal produces 4,172 lbs of CO2.

(28.34 grams) fissionable material (uranium, thorium, plutonium) could replace 1,750 tons of coal, saving 3,650 tons of CO2.

What the hell are we waiting on? Greedy corporations, politics, and environmental fanatics.

This is the result of that kind of thinking:

Quoting the Vol 385 April 11, 2015 Richard Horton wrote the following:

The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness...

Human influence on Nature is not a sin, and science has zero to do with such notions.

Nowhere is the religious garbage more proven than in Al Gore's book "Earth in the Balance." I own the book and have read it myself.

While published circa 1992, this cult integrates outright communism and racist social justice in 2022.

I challenge the reader to buy and read the book. See my webpage Dissecting Al Gore's Book Earth in the Balance.

Posted 8/27/2022.

The following links are how I built my own Geiger counter plus more earth science. My home state of Virginia has some of the largest uranium reserves in the United States.

Note the following images below.

Lewis' Frog banner

US Navy claims Arctic Ice Free by 2016 False
US Navy claims Arctic Ice Free by 2016 False

Paul Beckwith claims Arctic Sea Ice Vanishes in 2013 Failed
Paul Beckwith claims Arctic Sea Ice Vanishes in 2013 Failed

Definition of irrationalism - a system of belief or action that disregards or contradicts rational principles.

If one believes gender is not based on biology, you are mentally ill and irrational. Just so you understand:

Definition of a women: adult biological female.

Definition of a man: adult biological male.

This fact of biology is immutable, can't be changed regardless of surgery, drugs, or social science babble.

An ignorant Federal judge has proclaimed gender dysphoria, a mental illness, is a new protected class.

The same crazies promoting transgerder mythology are demanding we refer to pedophiles (child molesters) as "minor attracted people."

They too will become another protected class while we mutilate and drug children for them to prey on.

This will end.

Pentagon climate alarmism.

The US Military crippled by "Woke" irrationalism can't win wars, so get in on the climate hustle.

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PuTTY terminal program for Linux, Windows

Exploring Digital Computer Electronics

by Lewis Loflin

This is an offshoot of my website Hobby Electronics. That site was oriented towards building hardware projects such as H-Bridge motor controls or microcontroller circuits with Arduino, Picaxe, and Microchip PICs.

While touched on at my other site, this is dedicated to computers and related electronics. Reusing older computers or what I call "upcycle". What software to use and when. Learning computer hardware. Connecting computers to actual hardware. To use an old computer as a super microcontroller.

A computer as I define it is a complete system usually consisting of a motherboard and attached peripherals - printer ports, serial ports, plug-in cards such as wireless and video, USB ports, external memory, etc. It is a system.

Review older computer mother boards and explain aspects of software and hardware - how they come together.

What can I do with them? Running lite versions of Linux, we can learn programming - python, C/C++, bash files, set up various desktops such as Openbox, Fluxbox, PEKwm, and JWM.

Compile and create C programs to operate hardware connected to printer ports or build a complete plug-in card.

These subjects were touched upon with Raspberry Pi on my electronics website. They apply equally here. See the following:

Example PIC microcontroller on carrier board.
Fig. 1

A microcontroller often refers today to single board controllers built around a single integrated circuit with internal memory, IO, etc. An example is the control panel on your microwave oven.

Fig. 1 shows an example PIC microcontroller from Microchip Corporations. There are likely hundreds of variations. See my earlier projects. These are done in assembly.

The above video at the top of the page is an example. Learn about computer hardware and how it has changed. To fix, salvage, program vintage machines. Reusing an older system means less e-waste, easier learning curb, and low cost. A lot of us can't afford the latest and greatest.

That 20-year-old Presario still does a lot even with some versions of more modern Linux. I used it for streaming audio, word processing, software design, etc. Yes, it can even operate a CNC machine. The one in the video I got for free.

Linux Videos

Live Linux Distro for Using Printer Port with Electronics
Using the powerful Rox-Filer system in Linux
Use FEH under Linux for a Wallpaper Setter
How to create Symbolic links in Linux

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